The Northrup Center for Robotic Knee Replacement


The Northrup Center for Robotic Knee Replacement, a division of Florida Sports Medicine Institute, offers computer-assisted, total knee replacements for patients suffering from arthritis of the knee. Dr. Tod Northrup , Medical Director, utilizes the Apex Robotic Technology (ART) system by  Omni LIfe Science to provide technology that produces superior results to conventional methods. The Center has two offices located in St Augustine and Jacksonville. Each office is located within 1/2 mile of Flagler Hospital and Baptist South Hospitals respectfully. Dr. Northrup has full staff privileges at each facility.
Our offices are equipped with state of the art digital x-ray . CT and MRI are not required when undergoing robotic total knee replacement.

#1 Robotic Total Knee Surgeon in North Florida

image Dr Northrup was the first orthopedic surgeon in North Florida to perform a robotic total knee replacement.  News of the procedure’s incredible results quickly spread! Patients have traveled from as far away as Alaska and Martha’s Vineyard to experience these highly consistent and superior surgical outcomes.
Dr Northrup has performed more robotic total knee replacements in 2013 than any other orthopedic surgeon in the state.

10 comments on “The Northrup Center for Robotic Knee Replacement

  1. plese let me know if you have to be put totally asleep for this total robotic knee replacement surgery

  2. What insurances are accepted? I have Medicare, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan from my previous employment and a United Health PPO for doctor visits. How long does it take to schedule an appointment? I live in Volusia County about 50 miles from St. Augustine.

  3. I had total left knee replacement in 08/2010. I have been in constant pain since. Surgeon that did it went back to Canada. Have been told by other surgeons that the devise that was utilized is too small. Am I a good candidate for this surgery? Would certainly be very, very interested.

  4. I suffered terriblely after a car accident with knee pain I had suffered all most 2 years I had robotics knee replacement feb3-2017 still recovering but I could not be happier with the results..Don’t wait like I did and suffer..You do not have to suffer anymore Dr Northrup made sure I was taken care of start to finish ..I had nurse to come to my home first few days and the RPG come twice a week …I can’t thank him enough for his caring professional bedside manner..Teresa Tracy

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  6. Highly satisfactory for me with regular physical activities at the age of 79. I have completed 10 km race twice only two years back. But for the past one year I have developed problem with right knee as the ligaments are torn, but there is no pain with my walking of 3km and cycling. But I want to come back to my original shape and again compete in 10 KM race.

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